15 Jahre Förderung durch die Possehl-Stiftung

Wir danken der Possehl-Stiftung sehr herzlich für die langjährige und umfangreiche Förderung, ohne die viele unserer Angebote für Kinder und Jugendliche nicht möglich gewesen wären.

Academy of Pupils at the Universität zu Lübeck

At the Universität zu Lübeck, our Academy of Pupils strives to awaken interest in natural sciences and engineering among pupils and to especially foster keen and talented pupils over the long-term. We pursue four initiatives and are funded by the Possehl Foundation.

Media competence, mindful technology development and digital future topics (MaTZ)

Under the MaTZprogramme, we support and motivate pupils to develop and expand their interest in informatics and its fields of application. Our effort also encompasses computer camps and work groups offering interdisciplinary projects from the Web, the media, medicine, robotics and telematics.

Lübeck Engineers’ Lab (LILa)

LILa gives pupils from the Holstein region their first insight into medical engineering issues. We use diverse projects to draw the attention of as many upper level pupils as possible. Our purpose is to make them aware of traditional natural sciences as a necessary and extremely crucial tool for developing medical engineering applications.

Lübeck Maths Initiative (LIMα)

The goal of our LIMα initiative is to reach a broad base of keen and talented pupils in forms 3–13, build up solid sponsorships and foster their interest for careers in mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and engineering (MINT). We have math clubs with workgroups and math days in our programme, supplemented by a Math Olympics event, a summer school and excursions to companies.

Lübeck Open Lab (LoLa)

Presently, through LoLa we have 22 laboratory courses for pupils in forms 8–13, covering subjects like biology and chemistry (e.g., cellular biology, microbiology, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, biotech, phylogenetics, protein biochemistry, enzyme kinetics, designing active ingredients). Each course includes a seminar on the techniques and their social relevance. Keen pupils can attend advanced LoLa courses during school breaks, join workgroups, or get advice on special projects (e.g., within the “Young Researcher” programme).

SaLü – The Academy of Pupils at the Universität zu Lübeck

The subject-specific offers of the Academy of Pupils of the University of Lübeck are supported by the initiatives MaTZ, LILa, LIMα und LoLa as components of the Academy of Pupils and can be found on the websites linked below.

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Diversified basis comprising four initiatives

Lübeck Engineers’ Lab

Target group:
Forms 11–13
Dr. Ksenija Gräfe
Tel. 0451 / 3101 2334

Logo MaTZ

Media competence, mindful technology development and digital future topics

Target group:
Forms 8–13
Katharina Weiß, M.A.
Tel. 0451 / 3101 2331

Lübeck Open Lab

Target group:
Forms 8–13, teachers, trainee teachers
PD Dr. Bärbel Kunze
Tel. 0451 / 3101 2320

Contacts at Academy of Pupils

Lübeck Maths Initiative

Target group:
Forms 3–13
Berit Bender, Dipl. Math.
Tel. 0451 / 3101 6009

Contacts at Academy of Pupils

Universität zu Lübeck
Ratzeburger Allee 160
23562 Lübeck

Tel.: 0451 / 3101 6030

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