Our family portal informs you about everything we have to offer at the university, with an overview of our “Family-Friendly University” programme. Find out how to sign-up for semester breaks or the Student Services Kindergarten, the ‘Unizwerge’ (programmes for toddlers and pre-schoolers), family-friendly employment agreements, current events, press reports, as well as who to contact for specific issues.
Moreover, we have numerous useful links and pamphlets you can download to save you tedious searches – and leave you more time for your family.

Equal Rights

Our website gives you an overview of the law and our tasks concerning equal rights for men and women at universities and our “TOTAL E-QUALITY” rating. You can also read about how our university strives to achieve equal rights, the advisory services we offer (including initial advice on sexual discrimination and violence, stalking, and domestic violence), current events and networks. Read our newsletter “Athene” to stay up-to-date on issues concerning families and equal rights at the university.

“Family-Friendly University” programme and TOTAL E-QUALITY

Our Universität zu Lübeck is the only one of its kind in Schleswig-Holstein that is certified as a “Family-Friendly University” and received the "Total E-Quality" rating.

Targets for 2014 - 2017

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Psychosocial Counselling Centre at the University

Counselling for staff in stressful situations or subject to harassment at the workplace, at home or in private situations. Please contact Dr Eva Fassbinder, tel. 3871 (Ms. Kilb will note down your appointment request).


FleKS - Flexible Kids Support

Flexible day care programme
scheduled late in the afternoon/evening at the Anschützstrasse Kindergarten, for staff and students from the Universität zu Lübeck and the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences. Mondays to Thursdays, from 4–6 pm and 6–8 pm, during the lecture periods. This service is free.

Appointments: Anschützstrasse Kindergarten, call three days in advance, tel. 51837.

Equal Opportunities & Family


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