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Our Universität zu Lübeck was transformed into the Lübeck Foundation in 2015, thereby joining the centuries-old, solid, foundation culture of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. We view our friends and patrons as a live network that helps to connect young and old students, teachers and alumni.


In our knowledge society, science pervades all facets of our social and private lives. Science drives our personal, political and scientific decisions, thereby acquiring a high level of social responsibility. We accept this challenge at the Universität zu Lübeck, by facing our responsibility to future generations in a free world, regardless of their origin. Hence, support for our Universität zu Lübeck means an investment in:


  • Innovative research and education in the fields of medicine, natural sciences, informatics and engineering
  • Young, talented people, and
  • an innovative campus.


Adequate capital that provides guaranteed revenues is a prerequisite to ensure sustained and dependable growth of a foundation university. Therefore, one of our goals at the university is to solicit funding to stock up the foundation’s capital base.


Your suggestions on fundraising, by supporting projects you value, are always welcome. Donations help us finance short-term and urgent tasks. All donations go to research, education, healthcare and to foster young scientists. There are numerous ways you can get involved, such as:


  • Financing innovative research and education projects
  • Providing funds as stipends to foster highly talented and/or socially disadvantaged students
  • Financing foundation professorships
  • Financing extracurricular activities


We would be pleased to hear from you about your interest in becoming involved. Please ring or drop an email to: Ulf Hansen, Head of External Partnerships/ Fundraising, Staff Function for External Partnerships/ Fundraising

Tel +49 451 3101 1180, Email


No matter how much you donate, your contribution will add life to key projects that may otherwise never get off the ground. We appreciate every donation we get, which is also tax deductible. We’d be pleased to send you a donation receipt.


Our bank account is:


Payee: Foundation Universität zu Lübeck

For: Support of the Foundation Universität zu Lübeck

IBAN: DE51 2307 0710 0444 4444 00


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