Office of Legal Counsel (R)

Management R/1

Legal Counsel

Role and Accountability

  • Head, office of legal counsel
  • Matters of principle concerning the higher education act
  • Guidance on matters concerning the higher education act and academics
  • Coordinate statements on proceedings concerning laws and regulations
  • Coordinate execution of current and new laws and regulations
  • Prepare and check statutes involving the organisation and university, such as:
    • Statutes on institutes and departments
    • Statutes on the senate and its committees
    • Statutes on elections
  • Advise on procedures concerning statutes of the relevant field
  • Prepare and check guidelines and rules in the relevant field
  • Prepare and review academic cooperation agreements
  • Manage the education of legal trainees and interns
  • Represent at proceedings


Kerstin Maybaum
Tel: +49 451 3101 1380
Fax: +49 451 3101 1354


Nicole Lindemann
Rositsa Raycheva-Stripp