Department IV – Higher Education Planning

Department Head

Role and Accountability

  • Head of department
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) data, evaluation (basic questions on the methodology for KPIs, KPIs / evaluations / analyses / assessments / statistics, internal and external requests for data)
  • Evaluate research / performance-based funding for the medicine section (excluding teaching) (basic questions on performance-based funding, execution / evaluations / analyses / model calculations / advice / committees as appropriate)
  • Higher education planning (basic questions on capacity calculations/planning, assistance for legal proceedings / analyses / model calculations, computation of standards for curricula, support to introduce programmes/teaching units, assist relevant ministries on the process to set objectives, financial control of set objectives / KPIs, assist with new funding for higher education)


Dr. Harald Semmel
Tel: +49 451 3101 1210
Fax: +49 451 3101 1014