Department II – Finance / Financial Controls

Department Head

Department Head

Role and Accountability

  • Department head
  • Matters of principle
  • Professor appointment proceedings: advise, prepare list of openings & implement
  • Advise the chancellor on all financial matters, and strategic positioning towards the University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein and other external parties
  • Annual report on research and teaching in the medicine section: prepare and pre-negotiate the annual report on research and teaching and proof of appropriation outlays
  • Strategic planning and optimisation of the financial controls process, jointly with the University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein; develop existing financial control instruments
  • Disburse funds for major acquisitions and hiring of staff
  • Issue tax receipts for donations


Florian von Nolting
Tel: +49 451 3101 1300
Fax: +49 451 3101 1014