Main Facilities

Research Facilities for Clinical Experiments (KEF)

KEF is our main facility of the Medicine Section at the Universität zu Lübeck. It serves the infrastructure required to conduct and coordinate medical research, especially of a clinical nature. KEF provides space for research, basic laboratory services and equipment, as well as general organisational materials for projects. All members of UKSH and Lübeck Campus are eligible, including new appointees during the first two years.


Präsidiumsbeauftragter Beauftragter für biologische Sicherheit (BBS) am UKSH Projektleiter im Sinne des GenTG


Schlüsselbeauftragte für den Bereich KEF


Stellvertretende Beauftragte für biologische Sicherheit (BBS) am UKSH


Stellvertretende Strahlenschutzbeauftragte