Re-Registration in the Summer Semester 2024

Re-registration deadlines

For the summer semester:
01/01 to 28/02 each year.
For the winter semester:
01/06 to 31/07 each year.

The fee for the summer semester
is € 246,30 Euro, which covers:

€63 for the Student Services Association (as per its statute)

€52,20 for a bus pass

€113,10 for  a Schleswig-Holstein-wide public transport ticket

€10 for Asta

€5 for the University Sports Programme

€3 for theatercard




Please include the following information in your bank remittance:

Schleswig-Holstein Student Services Association / Univ. zu Lübeck
DE37 2105 0170 1002 44 99 71
NOLADE21KIE (Förde Sparkasse Kiel)
€ 246,30

Your student registration number with the suffix - 20241 (e.g., 999999-20241)

Please enter only your personal  student registration number and the semester (as above) (input "20241" for the summer semester, and "20242" for the following winter semester – no semester number!).
No other information is necessary (do not state your name, your student registration number suffices, or anything else!)
Since payments are processed automatically, errors only cause delays!
Please note:
We will dispatch your new student ID about four weeks before the semester starts to the address we have on record. If you need to change this address, you can do so online by visiting the self-service
QIS portal in the University Administration department.

You can also look up your registration certificate, etc., under QIS. If you need certificates in English, first click the button on the top right to switch to English.
You will get a Student ID once each semester. A duplicate costs € 20.