Education Fund

Loan Conditions, Application, Repayment

You may apply if you are at least:

  • In the 3rd semester of a bachelor’s programme
  • In the 1st clinical year of a medical degree programme
  • In the 1st semester of a master’s programme.

A micro-loan means you get €250.00 each month, initially for one year. This term may be extended.

Repayments are set forth in a contract.

If you drop out, the loan becomes repayable in fixed annual amounts over several years. 

Loan guidelines


Please enclose the following with your application:

  1. A tabular CV
  2. An essay describing why you deserve the loan
  3. A transcript of records

Application deadline for the SS 2013:
1 March

Application deadline for the WS 2013/14:
1 September