Examination Board for MINT

FAQs on Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses

How do I sign-up for a bachelor’s or master’s thesis?
  • Fill in the
    Application form
    and have it signed by the lecturer who assigns the topic, sign it and hand it in to the examination board. Once the Chair of the Examination Committee confirms the reviewer and topic, you and the lecturer will get a copy of the application form, which will show the earliest and final date for submission.
Where do I hand-in my bachelor’s or master’s thesis?
  • To the Examination Board, Building 2, Rooms 11 & 12 (office hours: Tue–Fri from 9 am to 12 noon, or by appointment).
  • You can also hand them in at the information desk in House A of the UKSH: put it in an envelope and address it to Prüfungsamt MINT, Bldg. 2, Room 11 and 12.
  • There is a letterbox in front of Building 2. You can drop-off your thesis there outside office hours.
  • Or you can post your thesis. Please note: the date of receipt counts, not the postmark!
How many copies of my thesis are required?
  • Three bound copies (no spiral binder!): one each for the first and second reviewer and one for the examination committee.
Is there anything else I must know about submissions?
  • You also have to submit a digital version of your thesis on a USB stick or CD!
  • Moreover, you have to submit and sign the declaration below in lieu of an oath:
Ich versichere an Eides statt, die vorliegende Arbeit selbstständig und nur unter Benutzung der angegebenen Quellen und Hilfsmittel angefertigt zu haben. (This version in German is acceptable!)
Are there any templates for theses?

You will find templates and hints in Moodle.

Are there special requirements for the cover page layout?
  • The MINT section examination committees have defined precise
    on the layout of the cover page.
What can I do, if I can’t finish by the last possible deadline?
  • If you’re sick and can’t work on your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, you can get an extension equal to the duration of your illness. For this, please submit a doctor’s certificate on the
    Notification of Sickness Form
    to the examination board.
  • If you cannot meet the submission deadline for other unforeseeable grounds, please file an
    Application to Extend the Submission Date for a Bachelor’s/Master’s Thesis.
    The processing time can then be extended by the duration of the aggravation.
How do I sign-up for my colloquium?
  • To sign-up for your colloquium, you must fill out a form (
    Bachelor’s degree
    Master’s degree
    ), have this signed by both reviewers and turn it in to the examination board. Once the Chair of the Examination Board confirms the date, you will receive an invitation to the colloquium. Please submit the application at least a fortnight before the date.
How do I get my academic certificate?
  • You should go to the examination board at least once to check your records, or
    verify them online
    . As soon as we have all your course completion certificates and evaluations of your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, we will post the academic certificate after the processing period has expired (make sure your address is current).
  • If you have done some voluntary services that should be listed in a diploma supplement, please fill-in the
    Application to Include Courses in a Diploma Supplement
    and submit it
    before your last exam
    (usually the colloquium) to the examination board.
  •  The preparation of the certificate documents can take up to two months.