University Education

Student Representatives

Student Councils

The student councils in the sections of
are formed of students who offer guidance on the programmes and represent the interests of all university students when dealing with students, professors and university staff.

For example, a student council:

  • Provides in-depth guidance to current and prospective students
  • Offers support for interaction with a lecturer, for instance, on a performance review meeting
  • Issues copies of past tests and examination reports
  • Organises the new student orientation week, Christmas celebration and parties

The members are elected annually from among interested students. The council is based in Building 21, left entrance.

AStA and StuPa

Student Committee (AStA)
is the executive body, while the
Student Council
(StuPa) serves as the legislative arm of the student body. Students elect members of StuPa annually, which in turn elects AStA members.

AStA represents the interests of students within the university and public sphere, e.g. when dealing with the press and the Student Services Association. AStA has its office in Building 24a and it:

  • Provides advice and representation for issues of a general nature
  • Runs the university shop (Uni-Shop)
  • Provides international student IDs
  • Organises functions and parties.