Stipends for International Students

Our Universität zu Lübeck is unfortunately not in a position to offer stipends or fellowships that cover the entire period of study. For that, please visit the links below (DAAD and StipendiumPlus databases). Please not that you must apply for such financial aid to study in Germany – before you start living here.

DAAD stipend database

StipendiumPlus database

Education fund of the Universität zu Lübeck

How to apply

Stipends/fellowships for highly committed students and doctoral candidates

DAAD awards financial aid to highly committed international students and doctoral candidates, within the scope of the STIBET I Stipend Programme.

The students or doctoral candidates selected under this programme must have good grades and have distinguished themselves through outstanding involvement at their foreign university.

This stipend amounts to roughly € 300/month for a period of four months.

Application deadline is 15 August.
Please hand-in your application to our International Office.

Short-term financial aid

If you are an international student studying to take an exam, but are NOT from the EU, you can apply for short-term financial aid to tide you over. However, you are INELIGIBLE, if you’re married to a citizen of the EU or have a permanent resident status in the EU.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Kiel offers financial aid to cover living costs of foreign students and stateless students preparing for their final exam at a university; in special cases, it even provides aid to cover an intermediate exam in medical school.

You are eligible, if you are done with your programme and are expected to complete it successfully but are in financial difficulties for unforeseen grounds or for reasons not attributable to you. Please pick up the application forms from our International Office. Since processing takes three months, make sure you apply in time.

Emergency stipend

Our Universität zu Lübeck offers a one-time emergency stipend of € 500 to international students in financial difficulty.

Please submit a completed
and a current transcript of records to the International Office.

Karin Schütz Foundation

The Karin Schütz Foundation is a non-profit organisation. One of its goals is to provide stipends and/or financial aid to needy students and doctoral candidates. Please pick up the application forms from our International Office. If you are in medical school, you become eligible only after completing the intermediate exam.

Application deadline is 15 January.

All stipends have been awarded for the year 2013.