Integration Project/Propaedeutics
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About us



The Propädeutikum has already existed since 2016 as an integration program for prospective refugee students. Funded by the DAAD programs Integra and Welcome as well as special funds from the state, modules are offered to prepare students for their studies at the University of Lübeck in addition to language courses (B2 and C1). Here, initial experience has been gained on how to establish suitability for study, study ability and subject orientation.

Our philosophy

We want to break new ground. In times when the dropout rate in MINT subjects is over 30%, we want to create a new and long-term concept to make the transition from school to university easier. Corona in particular exacerbates this situation and many high school graduates feel ill-equipped for university study. For this reason, German prospective students should also benefit in the future from the concept of the integration program that has been implemented to date. They are given the opportunity to prepare themselves concretely for studies at the University of Lübeck.

The teaching in the Propädeutikum is done by doctoral students and students of the university from the higher semesters. Our teachers receive didactic training through internal continuing education. It is part of our concept that students design the preparatory lessons: This is because they can not only teach the subject lessons to prospective students, but also report from their own study experiences. They know what is important in the first year of study.

Our location: Der Posthof

Schüsselbuden 30-32

23552 Lübeck

The teaching location is the Posthof (Schüsselbuden 30-32) in the heart of Lübeck's old town between the Holstentor and the Rathausplatz.