Welcome to the integration project of the Propädeutikum

For the first time, the University of Lübeck offered a preparatory course in the summer semester of 2016 that prepared refugees interested in studying at the university in terms of subject matter, language and culture...

In addition to an advanced German course, courses are offered in mathematics, computer science, biology and chemistry. The lectures and exercises are mainly conducted by bachelor and master students...

If you have completed your Abitur here in Germany and therefore do not need German courses, the Propädeutikum für Abiturient/innen could also be interesting for you....

This project is supported by the DAAD and the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.



"Wie das Propädeutikum ein internationales Programm ist, habe ich reiche Erfahrungen der Kultur meiner lieben Kollegen gesammelt. Danks des Propädeutikums habe ich mich beruflich in meinem Fachgebiet zur guter Letzt gut integriert. "

Personal consultation by:

Matthias Holzum

Organisation und Koordination

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Martina Schiwek

Lehrbeauftragte für Deutsch

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Sabine Voigt

Leitung des Propädeutikum

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International Students