International Students

Information for ERASMUS and Other International Exchange Students

Thank you very much for your interest in studying at our Universität zu Lübeck.

Under the ERASMUS programme, you can study for one or two semesters at our Universität zu Lübeck. However, to be selected for an ERASMUS scholarship, please contact your home university abroad for information on studying here.
Once you have been selected by your home university, please enrol online. Carefully fill out the application form and transmit your data electronically. Create a PDF file of your application, print and sign it and get your coordinator at the home school to countersign and stamp this. Post the form to us, keeping the following deadlines in mind:

  • 15 May (for the next winter semester)
  • 15 November (for the next summer semester)

Online application

Please include the following documents:

Enter the courses you wish to take in Lübeck (click ‘Curriculum’ on the left to see the list of courses). Sign this, have your home university countersign it and submit it to our International Office.

If you would like to stay in our student housing, please include this form with your ERASMUS application. Please be aware that we may not be able to provide accommodation for all applicants.  Kindly note that room charges in student housing are for the entire semester, as follows:

Winter semester: 1 September to 28 February
Summer semester: 1 March to 31 August

Before you can pick up a key to the room, you must first go to a bank and pay a deposit of € 300. You will need to show proof of this payment to get a key issued.

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