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You can find out if you need a visa to enter Germany by checking out the Staatenliste zur Visumpflicht (list of countries for which a visa is required) issued by the Foreign Office.

Please find all information about the application procedure from the responsible German representatives.

The admission letter of the University of Lübeck allows you to apply for a student visa.

Important: Please note that a three-month Schengen Visa ("tourist visa") cannot be extended for the purposes of university study or research in Germany.


Please go to the website of the Federal Foreign Office and view the
Visa Regulations
to find out whether you will need one to enter Germany.

Please contact the
German Consular office
in your country regarding a visa.

If you get admission to the Universität zu Lübeck, you can apply for a
visa to study at a university

: Please note that a three-month Schengen Visa or tourist visa
cannot be extended
for you to study or conduct research at a German university.