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If you are not an EU citizen and you obtained your “University Entrance Certificate” abroad, you must apply to uni-assist for admission to the first semester at the Universität zu Lübeck.
This also applies to all non-German citizens applying for admission to the Infection Biology programme.
If you are applying for a higher semester, please send your application directly to us at the Universität zu Lübeck (effective as of 2013/14).

What is uni-assist?

uni-assist association.
is an association of German universities, set up to process applications from international students seeking admission to a German university.

Applicants who do NOT have to go through uni-assist

  • German citizens, EU citizens and foreigners who went to a German school
    can get information and application forms from the
    Student Service Centre.
  • International students who commenced their studies at another university in Germany
    (Transfer to another university). Please attach a current transcript to your application.
  • International students applying for admission to a master’s programme
    who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in Germany.
  • International students applying for admission to the master’s programme Auditory Technology
  • International students applying for admission to the master’s programme Artificial Intelligence
  • Graduates of a University Qualification Programme (Studienkolleg)
  • Students applying for admission to a higher semester
    in any programme (effective as of WS 2013/14)

    Portal for applicants who do NOT have to go through uni-assist.

    To online application portal for 1st semester

     Applicants for Bachelor Psychology, please select the degree programme "Psychologie Internationale"


    Please upload application documents in the application portal

    Universität zu Lübeck
    International Office
    Ratzeburger Allee 160
    23562 Lübeck

    Application deadlines


    Application documents


    How do I apply through uni-assist?

    Please visit uni-assist online for more information on applications and fees. Upload your documents and complete your application in accordance with the instructions in the uni-assist website.

    What happens after I submit my application?

    Once uni-assist checks to make sure that you fulfil the formal application requirements, it will notify you and forward your application to us at the Universität zu Lübeck. You will then hear from us whether you have been admitted or not.
    If you do not meet the formal requirements, uni-assist will inform you accordingly. Unfortunately, your application cannot be returned; you must apply again for the next date.