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Abitur/University Entrance Certificate

As for all German applicants, all international students seeking admission to a university also require a University Entrance Certificate (Abitur).

If the qualification from your home country is equivalent to the German Abitur, you can be admitted directly into a degree programme at a German university.

If the school transcript in your home country restricted your eligibility for a university education to some fields only, then this limitation also applies in Germany.

The following DAAD site has an
Admissions Database
. It lists the university programmes in Germany into which you can be accepted, based on your international certificates/degrees.

You may also visit
to find out if in principle your qualification would be adequate for studying in Germany. Click Select Country on the top left, find your region on the map of the world and then your country. Go to “Statement of Comparability (Zeugnisbewertung)” and click your type of qualification to determine your options for studying at a university in Germany.

If you are a German citizen living abroad and hold an international University Entrance Certificate, please contact the state office where you live for recognition of this foreign qualification. If you are a German living in Germany but hold an international University Entrance Certificate, please contact the office in your place or state of residence for recognition of your foreign qualification. Please note that if you are a
German citizen,
regardless of your Abitur, you are also subject to the application guidelines of our
Student Service Centre