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Job Profile


The job profile of our graduates includes all kinds of fields that are associated with autonomous systems and robotics. This includes the entire life cycle ranging from the conceptualization, development, operation and maintenance of such systems. Due to the inherent versatility of the possible fields of activity, only a small selection is listed here:

  • Developers in hard- and software for autonomous and robotic systems, especially medicall support systems and assisting devices
  • Software developers for embedded systems
  • Testing, validation and verification
  • Marketing, sales and distribution with highly qualified support
  • Application engineering in service robotics, unmanned transport systems and medical devices
  • Product management in robotics and autonomous systems
  • Facility engineering in production plants
  • Engineering in a variety of industrial sectors (automotive, software solutions, insurances, ...)

Naturally, a successful graduation from the bachelor's program qualifies for the consecutive research-oriented master's program.


Highlights from the job profiles that are open to our master graduates include:

  • Leading developer in highly specialized medium-sized enterprises
  • Researcher in laboratories of large enterprises
  • Project leader in development and research labs of public universities and research centers (Fraunhofer-Institutes, etc.)
  • Teaching assistants and lecturers at universities and engineering schools
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Researcher in consulting firms
  • Technology writer
  • Researcher in public regulartory agencies

Naturally, you can also apply for Ph.D. programs all around the world having graduated with a master's degree from the University of Lübeck.

Personal Consultation:

Prof. Dr. Philipp Rostalski
Studiengangsleitung RAS
Dr.-Ing. Kristian Ehlers
Studiengangskoordination RAS; Sprechstunde auf Anfrage
Dr. Sabine Voigt