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Five Reasons to Study Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Design the Future.

Robotics and autonomous systems are a hot topic for the future. Responsible and insightful handling of associated techniques is key to their development for the benefit of humanity. Be a part and help to design the future.

Understand Technical Systems.

Systems are getting more and more complex and need interdisciplinary expertise in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science. That is exactly what this program focusses on.

Create Systems and Solutions. 

Besides conveying essential knowledge and analytic abilities for the development of practical systems and solutions, which ultimately allow you to structure challenging tasks and solve them efficiently, this course will also teach you to keep the whole system firmly within view.

Celebrate and Utilize Variety. 

By embedding the course within a broad scope including computer science, engineering, mathematics as well as into the teaching- and research activities at the University of Lübeck associated with different fields of application, such as health care, physical therapy and more, you can specialize in your field of interest.

Be Unique.

The bachelor course Robotics and Autonomous Systems ist the first university course of its kind in Germany. It will provide an ideal preparation for future challenges!

Personal Consultation:

Prof. Dr. Philipp Rostalski
Studiengangsleitung RAS
Dr.-Ing. Kristian Ehlers
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