Bachelor’s Degree

Robotics and Autonomous Systems – What we Strive to Teach

We convey knowledge and teach you skills that enable you to conduct complex R&D tasks, under supervision, of physical and/or information processing relevance. Hence, we focus on enabling you to develop electrotechnical, mechanical and mathematical information related methods. Moreover, we get you involved in a variety of assignments, deemed essential for working with autonomous and information processing systems.

Germany’s First Bachelor’s Degree in Robotics at a University

Our bachelor’s degree in Robotics and Autonomous Systems qualifies you in six semesters to get a job as an engineer knowledgeable in electrical engineering, mechanics, system theory and informatics. The programme concentrates on linking this material with applications within the field of robotics and expanding your horizon to cover novel technical solutions for autonomous systems.

At the same time, we lay the foundation for you to continue on a research-oriented master’s programme aimed at natural sciences and technology. Upon graduation, we confer the internationally recognised Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) academic degree.

Student Advisor:

Dr.-Ing. Kristian Ehlers
Studiengangskoordination RAS; Sprechstunde auf Anfrage