Studying psychology in Lübeck

Our psychology programme concentrates on the basics, development and examination of human psyche. Here, we cover both deviating experiences and behaviour along with patterns. The courses start mainly with fundamental scientific aspects of interest, followed by practical problems and issues within numerous fields of application, all the way through to contact with patients.

Psychology is considered the link between natural, mental and social sciences. Depending on the issue involved and perspective taken, related courses could include biology, physiology, anthropology, sociology, pedagogics, linguistics, philosophy, economics, informatics, mathematics and physics.

As a model, our psychology programme in Lübeck uses the link between a study of natural sciences and clinical applications. One key characteristic of this is the interdisciplinary research conducted at the interface of psychology in medicine by our Centre for Brain, Behaviour and Metabolism.

The content is closely related to
fundamental and clinical research
. Furthermore, at Lübeck we offer the perfect connection to applications within the fields of psychotherapy, psychiatry and psychosomatics, supplemented by a broad spectrum of clinico-medical and clinical neuropsychology courses.

With a complement of only 90 students in the bachelor’s programme, you can look forward to a friendly and familial environment, everything close by and individualised support. For us, quality trumps quantity.

Student Advisor:

Dipl. Psych Rafaela Lütgens
Studiengangskoordinatorin Psychologie