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Auf dieser Seite werden Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen rund um den primärqualifizierenden Bachelorstudiengang Physiotherapie in Lübeck gegeben. 

What and who are associated physiotherapie facilities?

The associated physiotherapie facilities are clinical departments and private practices which provide capacities for the practical training of our students. A list of all our current associates can be found HERE.

What does "primary bachelor degree course" mean?

It means that all parts of a traditional vocational training due to the associated law are included into the study Programm. Right from the beginning those parts are combined with scientific study parts.
The theoretical training will take place directly at our university while the practical training takes place externally at associated physiotherapy facilities.
After the sixth Semester you will graduate with a state examination that will allow you to officially use the occupational title "Physiotherapist".

How many students are approved for each semester?

For each winter Semester there are 40 students approaching.

Is there a numerus clausus (NC)?

The admission to our degree course is restricted due to the limited capacities of our associated physiotherapie facilities. The selection of our applicants is based on the average degree of your university entrance certificate (High School Degree) with consideration of the common and predefined rates.

What do I have to take note of as a foreign student?

Applicants, whose mothertongue ist not german, have to prove a successful pass of a certified german language class (DSH 2 oder TDN 4).

Further Information can be found at our International Office:

Which degree will I receive?


You will receive 2 degrees:  

  • an associate degree


  • the University degree Bachelor of Science.


The associate degree is received after 3 years (6 semesters), and the Bachelor degree after 3,5 years (7 semesters).

What kind of fees do I have to pay?

The university does not raise the traditional school fees - however, there is a singular enrollment fee and the regular semester fee twice per year. The semester fee includes the semesterticket, which allows you to use the public Transport for free. On top you can engange yourself in the university sports programm.

Additional costs occure due to the one-time medical examination via an occupational physician. Also you are responsible to pay for your own ride to the associated physiotherapie fascilities during practical trainings.

They are spreaded in a distance of maximal 80 km.

Which entrance criteria do I need?

You need a general qualification for university entrance (High-School Diploma).

Applicants, whose mothertongue ist not german, have to prove a successful pass of a certified german language class (DSH 2 oder TDN 4).

How can I apply?

Further information about the application process can be found at Bewerbung.
Currently the linked page is only available in German.

What about accessibility and inclusion at the universtity?

All issues concerning accessibility and inclusion can be found by a click on the following link:

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