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Questions & answers

This section answers many frequently asked questions concerning our co-op bachelor’s programme in Lübeck.

What does “co-op / integrated training” mean?

This means that the training syllabus is integrated into the studies, as prescribed by the occupational regulations. Hence, you study theory aspects at the Universität zu Lübeck, and get practical training at our partner facilities.

What and who are the training partners?

These are facilities that cooperate with us to provide vocational training to the students during this co-op programme on general, paediatric or geriatric nursing. In other words, these are the facilities where you first apply to set up a training agreement that makes you eligible for admission into this programme at the university (see
). During your studies, these partners are responsible for the vocational training. Below is a list of these partners


How many students are there?

We accept 40 students each winter semester.

What degree will I get?

You will get two qualifications:

  • A vocational training certificate
    on General, Paediatric, or Geriatric Nursing


  • A Bachelor of Science degree

The vocational training certificate is awarded after three years (six semesters), while the B.Sc. degree takes four years (eight semesters).

What are the prerequisites?

You must have completed your Abitur (University Entrance Certificate) and have set up a training agreement with a partner facility. For more details, please visit

How do I apply?

You must first apply to one of our partners for training, with the option of admission to our co-op bachelor’s programme in nursing.

For details of the application process, please click

How much will it cost?

There are no tuition fees in Schleswig-Holstein. The current semester fee for WS 2014/15 is € 118.80.

During the first three years (six semesters) of the bachelor’s programme, the respective training partner will pay its standard wage for trainees in this vocation.