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Job profile

This programme prepares you to address specialised tasks faced by a biochemical and molecularbiology science.

Bachelor’s Degree

With a bachelor’s degree, you can pursue a career in research or industry. For example, you could work in quality assurance, product development, marketing, or in applied research. Almost 80% added a master programme, mostly at our university

Master’s Degree

With its natural sciences foundation, the master’s programme opens up the doors for students to a variety of jobs in the fields of basic and applied research, in both academic and non-academic institutions like universities, research centres, and the pharmaceutical, kosmetical or biotechnical industry. As a graduate, you will also be ready to enter other fields such as teaching, education, quality management, associations, or management consulting. Moreover, a master’s degree paves the path to a doctorate. Almost 75 % added a PhD at research projects or PhD programmes at our university or somewhere in the world.


Those wanting to work for a university or in research institutions (e.g. Fraunhofer Institutes, Max Planck Institutes, etc.) or in companies should complete a doctorate after a master's degree. All our university institutes and many of our university hospital clinics, as well as our Graduate School in Lübeck offer ideal conditions in this respect.

The practical focus and intensive support result in highly-skilled graduates. It is therefore of little surprise that most master’s graduates from Lübeck go on to complete doctorates. The MLS degree course was founded in the winter semester of 2001/02, and the first doctorates (Dr. rer. nat.) were awarded in 2010. In 2018, the first of these graduates obtained professorships in Germany and abroad.

Our graduates work:

 - as scientists at universities in Germany and abroad or in research institutes in basic research, as well as in industry in applied research and development;

- as employees in companies in the diagnostics, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and laboratory industries or in biotechnology as laboratory, development or project managers, in marketing, sales, quality management or on clinical studies;

Jobs in science and industrie of Molecular Life Science (MLS) graduates is showing the graphic below.

Student Advisor

Dr. Rosemarie Pulz
Student Advisor MLS
Dr. Sabine Voigt
Student Service Center

Jobs of MLS graduates in companies