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Five good reasons to study MLS in Lübeck:

Here are five good reasons why you should study Molecular Life Science at the University of Lübeck:

1. Interdisciplinarity

Life cannot be explored with a single discipline. Biomolecules have a physical structure and interact with each other in chemical reactions. In addition, molecular biological research generates large amounts of data that can only be interpreted with the help of bioinformatics and mathematical methods. In the Molecular Life Science degree course all this is taken into account, as you can see in the module manual.

2. In good hands

We are one of the smallest state universities in Germany. This in turn enables excellent study conditions. Our excellent teaching quality is repeatedly confirmed by the CHE Ranking. On the central campus, everyone quickly gets to know each other.

3. Social relevance

The degree course is focused on medical research. Stem cell research, structural analysis, infection and inflammation research and other disciplines enable new approaches for therapies against emerging diseases. This means that you can subsequently have a direct influence on this socially highly-relevant topic: Our health.

4. Practical relevance

The bachelor’s degree includes 12 internships (= approx. 50% of the study time), giving you the opportunity to learn all the relevant techniques and to apply your knowledge about molecular life. From the very start you will have to work independently and autonomously in the laboratory under supervision, calling for the corresponding physical skills. When completing your bachelor’s/master’s thesis you will be involved in current research projects and will work independently in the laboratory.

5. Atmosphere

You will start your degree course in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. The Old Town is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Baltic Sea coastline and its beaches are just 20 km away. Transport connections to Hamburg are also very good. From university sports and student theatricals to music (university choir, university orchestra, pop symphonics) and concerts, there is something for everyone in our cultural programme.

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Dr. Rosemarie Pulz
Student Advisor MLS
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