Programme Syllabus

Biophysics of Ionizing Radiation/ Animal Models

In the 2nd semester of the master’s degree course you can choose between the courses "Biophysics of Ionizing Radiation and Radiation Saftey" or "Animal Models and Animal Protection"

Radiation Protection Course:

The two-week Radiation Protection Course also enables you to be a Radiation Protection Officer. It is offered to MLS students preferably in September, but with 10–15 places also available to MLS students in March.

Animal Models (max. number of participants 15):

For all who have to work with live animals there is the Animal Welfare Course (Lectures) during the summer semester are compulsory, followed by an exam. The practical component also takes place in September.

The Animal Welfare Theory Course (lecture) during the summer semester is open to all students. During this course, useful information is given and statutory regulations explained that every MLS student should know.

For registration in the Radiation Protection course and the Animal Welfare Courses please have a look in the Moodle courses in November each year.

Student advisor

Dr. Thorsten Biet
Studiengangskoordination MLS