Programme Syllabus

Practical course

Practical Course (Internship):

You can find all the information and forms in the Moodle course “Kurs: Master 3. Semester for MLS, IB and NM (”. A brief overview:

The purpose of the internships is to deepen the theoretical knowledge acquired in the first and second master’s semesters. For this reason, most of the courses in the first and second semesters must be completed (at least 44 ECTS including LS4010 and LS4030, see module manual) before the internships can be started.

Two multi-week internships (approx. 12 weeks) must be completed on actual research projects at home University and abroad or in industry. The internships need to involve topics that are part of the MLS degree course. After a brief induction, each intern in the block internship must work independently on a sub-project. For each intership an examination is sat at the University of Lübeck (see also description in module guide). The examination takes the form of a poster and a lecture respectively, and takes place during a symposium.

If you have choosen an internship, please register on (Please Note: The database can only be accessed when you are logged in to the university network with your computer) for any internship to get the permission for it.

If you will do your internship out of the University of Lübeck you have to apply with the following application form.

Practical Course (internship) examinations: Symposium with posters (BP 1) and lecture (BP2):

Each year, there are always two examination dates on which posters can be presented and/or lectures held. These are always at the end of September and the end of March. Registration always takes place via (Please Note: The database can only be accessed when you are logged in to the university network with your computer)

Information about internships abroad

Statement about internships abroad


Practical courses at UzL/UKSH/Research Center Borstel - some examples

The both Practical courses are conducted in the 3rd semester and can be internal (see ), or external at other domestic or foreign universities, at research institutions, or in companies.

As internal we acceptes:

- Institutes of the University of Lübeck

- Clinics and institutes of the UKSH campus Lübeck

- Research Center Borstel

- Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology (Lübeck)

- DESY, AGt of Prof. Redecke (Hamburg)

- Max Planck institute for Evolutionary Biology, AG Prof. Haubold (MPI, Plön)

 ·       A List of external Internships of the last years you will find in the Moodlekurs 3. Semester Master MLS/IB/NM" link see above, which is open for all master students.

Student Advisor

Dr. Thorsten Biet
Studiengangskoordination MLS
BP Symposium 12/2016