Master’s Degree

Organisational information for first semester students

Dear first semester students,

you will find some general information about the start of this winterterm in this moodle-course. 

Special information about the start in Molecular Life Science you will find in that moodle course:

Although this course is primarly for bachelor students, there are also some information which might be very useful for master students who did their Bachelor degree not at our university. The login name is your matriculation number and the password is provided in the documents you received during inscription as master student. Unfortunately, this course is only available in German, thus if you are not fluent in German please write me an e-mail with your specific question.

When you are registered as student, you get also an e-mail address from the university. Since all information regarding courses, etc. are sent to this e-mail address, it is very important that you regulary check this account. If you would like to get in contact with lectures or members of the university, please use this e-mail address only!

Information regarding the moodle courses, etc. will be provided beginning of October via e-mail.

With best regards,
Rosa Pulz and Thorsten Biet