Master Thesis and Colloquium

The master’s thesis is planned for the 4th semester of the master’s degree course.
The thesis must be officially registered with the Examination Office.

The student then has a maximum of six months in which to write it. An extension of one month is possible only in duly substantiated exceptional cases.

The topic of the master’s thesis must be related to the study content. This can be confirmed by the Chairman of the Examinations Committee. Topics for the masters’ thesis can be requested from all institutes and clinics. It can also be completed at foreign institutes and in companies. However, this must be approved in advance.

A final defence at the end is part of the master’s thesis. The thesis and defence must be assessed by two examiners. You have to apply for the defence with the application form at the time of the hand-over of the thesis at the examination office.

Master’s graduation ceremony

MINT-section master’s graduates also take part in the University of Lübeck’s annual graduation ceremony at the Petri Church in July. Further information will be provided in good time.

The best master’s graduate of the year will be honoured with a certificate at the ceremony.

We are delighted when students remain in touch with us after graduating from our university, use the worldwide network and possibly support us as well.

You can become a member of our “Alumni of the University of Lübeck” groups on Facebook, Xing or LinkedIn or you can join our association “Alumni, Freunde und Förderer der Universität zu Lübeck e.V.”.

Student Advisor

Dr. Rosemarie Pulz
Student Advisor MLS