Master’s Degree



As a rule, there are two examinations per module per year— one at the beginning of the lecture-free period directly after the semester, and another at the end of the lecture-free period. Each student has three attempts to pass the exam. The final module grades consist almost always solely of this examination grade.


All MINT course examinations are organized centrally each semester. Each lecturer must adhere to this central plan.

In this plan, only the respective compulsory courses are included; the dates for the electives are usually set by the lecturers after consultation.

All the examination dates should also be visible in UnivIS, the University of Lübeck’s information system.

Anyone who requires special examination conditions due to restrictions can apply to the examination board for special consideration. This should preferably be done a few weeks before the first examination.

Guideline on/application for special consideration

Recognition of external achievements:

If you have already completed training or modules in another degree course that are very similar or identical to our modules, you can have these modules/achievements recognised. To do this, complete the form “Recognition of external achievements” and submit it to the relevant module managers for recognition by signature. This form must then be submitted to the Examination Office/Chairman of the Examination Committee (Prof. Hartmann).

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