Programme Syllabus

Bachelor programme Molecular Life Science

Elective courses of the 4th semester

Registration starts in mid-December for the following course:

CHEMIE-SS19 Elective Molecular Life Science – LS2800 SoSe 19

under the following link:

You will be informed immediately whether you have been allocated a place or whether the course is already full.

Please take a look at the electives in the overview, which also includes the dates. Detailed descriptions can be found on the page for each course, as well as in the module manual.

The courses are partly purely theoretical, and partly with internships. A B-certificate, i.e. an ungraded certificate, is available for all the courses. Most of the courses take place as a block in March.

In addition, you can also attend courses with at least 4 ECTS in the area of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science (2809) offered at the University of Lübeck which have free places. These must be approved by Prof. Hartmann via Dr. Pulz. Afterwards you must prove to Dr. Pulz that have you have successfully completed the course and it will then be recognised as an elective.

Since most courses have only a limited number of spaces, you should think carefully about your choice and possibly discuss in advance with your fellow students who will attend which courses. Initially, each student will only be allowed to choose one course. If you would like to attend a second course, you can enrol a few days later (the date will be sent to you via email) in a course that is not yet full.