Programme Syllabus

Programme and Schedule

Bachelor programme: Start: WS 2018/19:

The Bachelor programme is almost taught in German!!!

The syllabus lists the courses and the semester in which they should be attended. Also listed are the ECTS credits and type (L: Lecture, Ü: Exercises, P: Internship and S: Seminar) and the size of the courses.

For detailed information on the courses, please refer to the module manual and meet us on the introduction date, Monday, October 7, 1 p.m in room V1.

If you wish to have external academic or professional achievements (modules or internships) recognised, you will need to complete the “Recognition of external achievements” form and submit it to the chairman of the examination board, Prof. Dr. Enno Hartmann.

If you need to improve your English language skills, you can attend free courses at our International Office:

Schedule 1. Sem. Bachelor WS 2019/20

Here you will find the actual schedule. You will get more information on Montag,  October 7 at 1 p.m. in V1.

We offer two weeks before semester start for a introduction course in mathematics!

Informations about the practical course in Chemistry you will get during the first exercises in chemistry.