Bachelor' s Thesis and Exam

The bachelor’s thesis is planned for the 6th semester of the bachelor’s degree course.
The thesis must be officially registered with the Examination Office.

The student then has a maximum of six months in which to write it. An extension of one month is possible only in duly substantiated exceptional cases.

The topic of the bachelor’s thesis must be related to the study content. This can be confirmed by the Chairman of the Examinations Committee. Students can enquire in institutes and clinics about possible topics for their bachelor’s theses.

A final defence is part of the bachelor’s thesis. The thesis and defence must be assessed by two examiners.

Graduation ceremony: Always held at the end of January of the following year

The ceremony for bachelor’s graduates usually takes place on the last Friday in January. For more information visit Ceremonial Occasions on the university website, where you can also register for the ceremony.