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We have compiled answers to frequently asked questions on our Nutritional Medicine programme:

1. What is nutrition science?

We define nutritional medicine as a natural science at the intersection of medicine and biochemistry, which delves into the fundamentals, composition and effect of nutrition.

2. What is the focus of the nutritional medicine programme in Lübeck?

At our university, we concentrate mostly on the molecular functioning of foodstuffs of relevance to maintain health and treat diseases. For this, you need comprehensive knowledge of natural sciences, nutrition science and human medical biology. Consequently, our programme is designed primarily for students of natural sciences, who would likely pursue a research-oriented job. If your primary interest lies in conventional ecotrophology and dietary advice, we suggest applying to a different university!

3. Are there admission prerequisites?

Yes. Your grade point average (NC or “Numerus Clausus”) matters for our bachelor’s programme in Medical Nutrition Science or a master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine. Admission depends on the number of applicants. Please click here for details of the application process.

The bachelor degree programme is taught in German, the master programme is taught in english.


4. What’s the admission quota?

We admit 65 students each year into our bachelor’s programme, starting in the winter semester. The master programme has 40 places.

5. Where can I get more information?

Every May or June, we hold a Trial Day at the Universität zu Lübeck. We will present details of the Medical Nutrition Science programme along with others at our university. You can always email or contact us in person if you have other questions.

6. Where should my interests lie?

In addition to fulfilling the criteria to study at a university, you should be very keen to address scientific problems and possess good to very good knowledge of natural sciences. Fluency in English is a plus, but you can also take language courses during your studies.

7. What’s the programme syllabus?

The bachelor’s programme starts by conveying the fundamentals of chemistry, mathematics, physics and biology. We enhance this with solid training in natural sciences & nutrition science through courses in the fields of nutritional medicine, nutritional physiology, biochemistry and mathematics/informatics. To round off the programme, we supplement it with discourses in, for instance, the fundamentals of business administration or ethical aspects of nutrition science.

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