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Five Good Reasons to Study Nutritional Medicine in Lübeck

Five good reasons why you should commence your bachelor’s or masters degree in our Nutritional Medicine program at the University zu Lübeck:

1. Interdisciplinary

We favour an interdisciplinary approach in teaching medical nutrition science by coalescing basic and clinical research.

2. Excellent support

Our quality of teaching and a familial atmosphere on campus ensure excellent conditions for the degree programme.

3. Social relevance

The ability to clarify the interrelationships between foods and the courses of diseases poses a major challenge for biomedical research.

4. Practical

What you learn in the lectures is consolidated through numerous practical training sessions, seminars, and exercises. During the bachelor’s degree programme, you partake in current research projects and learn how to independently address scientific issues in a laboratory.

5. Ambience

Lübeck is just 20 km from the Baltic Sea, and in less than 45 minutes you can be in Hamburg by train. Lübeck’s medieval downtown is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We offer a diverse range of cultural events – from university sports to concerts – to please all.

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Fiona Schnüttgen
Prof. Dr. Karsten Seeger
Studiengangskoordination EW