Medical Nutrition Science

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Why should I study Medical Nutrition Science?

We define Medical Nutrition Science as a natural science at the intersection of medicine and biochemistry that delves especially into the fundamentals, composition and effect of nutrition in the context of diseases. Identification of the target molecular structures in elements of nutrition, in the context of individual genetic markers, will impact future advancement of nutrition concepts – aimed at maintaining health and treating diseases more effectively. Our curriculum in Lübeck gives you the opportunity to be a part of this exciting development.

Other reasons why you should study Medical Nutrition Science with us:

  • In our bachelor’s programme, you will acquire a profound education in natural sciences, which will prepare you to select any of the three master’s programmes at our university – Nutritional Medicine, Molecular Life Science and Infection Biology.
  • Our bachelor’s and master’s programmes and training will get you involved in current, internationally visible research projects.
  • The programme is multifaceted and highly interdisciplinary, which opens up the doors for you to purse numerous interesting professions.

Please note: if your interest lies primarily in conventional ecotrophology, please apply to other universities!

Why should I study at the Universität zu Lübeck?

With the Centre of Brain, Behaviour and Metabolism (CBBM), we have the most advanced facilities to teach biochemical, molecular biology and cell biology methodologies. Moreover, our Universität zu Lübeck has the best connection to applications, particularly within clinical studies.
Our network of partners in the industry and economy will assist you in finding a place to train and get a job later.
You get all the benefits of studying at a small university with a familial environment, productive studying atmosphere, short distances and personal advice.

Both the bachelor's and master's programs are accredited.


Through our curriculum and faculty, we will prepare you well for a career as a researcher in nutrition science. Experts are of the opinion that the growing public interest in nutrition science and associated demand for personalised and healthy eating will lead to solid growth in the need for appropriately qualified professionals.



Student Advisor:

Fiona Schnüttgen
Prof. Dr. Karsten Seeger
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