Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of Science in Medical Nutrition Science

Human biology with a focus on nutrition

The Medical Nutrition Science programme is a bachelor’s degree programme covering both human biology and the natural sciences which concentrates on the discipline of nutrition. The main emphasis lies on the impact which foodstuffs and food ingredients have on human health.


The study programme is coordinated by the Institute of Nutritional Medicine. The direct connection to the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein located on the Lübeck Campus allows for the pursual of a translational medical approach. This links pre-clinical research with patient care in a practically oriented way. The latest findings to emerge from molecular nutritional medicine can be directly tested in clinical trials and subsequently incorporated into treatment concepts.


Doctors, pharmacists, nutritional scientists and molecular biologists collaborate within the various working groups at the institute to carry out research into the nutrition of the future. This interdisciplinary and integrative approach is also reflected in the alignment of the study programme. A lively entrepreneurial spirit and excellent networking with the food industry and with associations within the sector enable research results to be transferred into practical development.


The courses offered by the Institute of Nutritional Medicine regularly receive some of the best feedback given for all of the programmes at the University of Lübeck. Thanks to outstanding teaching and the chance to engage with lecturers on a personal level, students are provided with the very best development prospects.


The main objective of the study programme is the acquisition of comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the natural sciences and in human biology. The relationship between nutritional physiology, nutrition science and nutritional medicine is consistently referenced.


During the first three semesters, the focus is on expanding knowledge of the basic principles of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics and mathematics. This is supported by nutritional psychology, nutrition medicine and food safety. Modules offered in the fourth and fifth semesters cover topics such as food law, food technology and bioinformatics. The sixth and final semester of the programme concentrates on database research/system biology, epidemiology and biostatistics.

The modular structure of the study programme in accordance with the (European Credit Transfer System) allows access to courses offered by foreign (partner) universities and also enables us to include elective options from other programmes taught here on the Lübeck site.



Share of Content in Bachelor’s Programme

Percentage share of the syllabus for a bachelor’s degree in Medical Nutrition Science, including the thesis.


You should enjoy personal challenges and also have a keen interest in scientific research. General higher education entry requirements will also need to be fulfilled. Because of the nature of the syllabus, fundamental prior knowledge in the natural sciences (e.g. prior learning achieved via a choice of appropriate specialisms during upper secondary school) is highly recommended.

After graduation

Upon obtaining a bachelor’s degree, you have the opportunity to proceed directly to pursuing a master's degree in Nutritional Medicine at the University of Lübeck. This programme is taught in English and builds upon the foundations laid during the bachelor’s course of study. It imparts detailed specialist expertise within the direct context of research, development and start-up enterprises. Medical Nutrition Science graduates are also able to access relevant masters programmes anywhere in Germany.

Of course, immediate progression to the labour market is also possible. The wide-ranging scientific knowledge obtained during the programme of study qualifies graduates to take on research and development tasks within the area of nutrition research and in the food industry in particular.

Please note: The B. Sc. in Medical Nutrition Science is geared towards the field of scientific research. It does not constitute a qualification to practise nutritional and dietary therapy with patients.

Student Advisor:

Prof. Dr. Karsten Seeger
Studiengangskoordination EW