Medical Informatics

Informatics for People

Our new consecutive bachelor’s and master’s degrees focus on modern techniques and methods for computerised processing of information in the field of medicine. We supplement your foundations in informatics, medicine, mathematics and medical engineering with majors in:
eHealth – Information Systems in the Healthcare Sector
Medical Imaging and Signal Processing

eHealth – Information Systems in the Healthcare Sector

Computerised collection, processing and application of patient data are playing an ever-greater role for their care in hospitals and doctors’ offices, for managing the system and for clinical research.
In our eHealth programme, you will learn how to process patient data efficiently in information systems and to systematically and securely combine these from diverse medical facilities into electronic patient files.

Medical Imaging and Signal Processing

In the Medical Imaging and Signal Processing programme, we teach you practical techniques for medical imaging and the latest computer analysis methods and visualisation of medical images and biosignals – which already enable medical practitioners to provide better treatments of patients or will do so in the future.


In our Bioinformatics programme, you will apply informatics methods to biological, especially genetic data, which are becoming increasingly important in advanced medicine.

You will be introduced to cellular biology, genetics and information processing techniques. These are of particular importance for consolidating your knowledge by choosing from among the compulsory courses in bioinformatics.

Job Prospects

For years, the demand has been high for medical informatics graduates.

In view of the growing significance of IT in modern medicine, one expects the demand to keep rising for highly-qualified IT professionals in the healthcare sector and medical engineering.

Studying Medical Informatics

You can join the programme each winter semester. See below for more information on the programme:

Five good reasons to study Medical Informatics
Job prospects for our graduates
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Medical Informatics Programme

The courses of both the bachelor and the master degree programmes are generally taught in German. In particular, applicants must have a good command of German. Please consult the German pages on the programmes for details.  

Courses Taught in English

Although the majority of the courses in the degree programmes are taught in German, there are a number of courses taught in English that are suitable for exchange students.

Degree Programmes