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Media Informatics

Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes

In this interdisciplinary programme, you specialise in psychology and human-computer interaction by delving into the interaction between informatics and occupational sciences, sociology and design from a new perspective within the framework of current research projects. As the producer and consumer – your spotlight is on humans.


Major: Human-Computer Interaction

The human-computer interaction course addresses human-centric development, implementation and evaluation of interactive computer systems to ensure that people use the most efficient, effective and satisfactory systems and related phenomena.

Major: Informatics

Programming and software engineering, algorithms and data structures, mathematical fundamentals, technical and theoretical informatics, databases and operating systems:
Informatics remains the foundation of media informatics. The knowledge and skills you will acquire from our lectures will be applied and consolidated through training and project work from extremely diverse fields.

Major: Psychology

Through psychology, you achieve a deeper understanding of how interfaces impact various users, thereby simplifying the design of systems. The programme teaches aspects of perceptive, cognitive, occupational and media psychology. The master’s programme consolidates your knowledge of social, engineering, motivation and emotional psychology.

Major: Design

Interaction and media design deliver system models, concepts and building blocks to shape multimedia and interactive systems. You will apply system theory, informatics and design knowledge and methods to develop and test applications and innovative interfaces – with an eye focussed on future users.

Career Prospects

As a media informatics professional, your career prospects are quite unlimited – because of the high diversity of tasks and dynamism prevalent in this field. Some of the key areas you could work in are: analysis, conceptualisation, implementation and evaluation of software (on a prototype basis) for a big range of input and output devices.

Media Informatics Programme

Degree Programmes

Programme News

Frau Professorin Jochems stellt den EMI-Award vor

In einem neu erstellten EMI-Award-Imagefilm erklärt Frau Prof. Jochems was es mit dem EMI-Award auf sich hat und zeigt spannende Eindrücke vom EMI-Award 2018.

A Promotion Video by Students for Students

It’s often really tough to decide how to find the programme that’s right for you. The curriculum is full of technical jargon in glossy brochures and can be more confusing than helpful. To make sure that you find out what awaits you, and to help you make the right decision, we (5th semesters students) have made a video for you.

What better way to find out more about a programme than from the horse’s mouth – the students who have plodded through lectures, labs and projects for years? That’s why we surveyed our fellow students about their experiences in the fields of informatics, psychology, mathematics and human-computer interactions. Media informatics is an interdisciplinary programme, which is why the responses are as colourful a mix as our students. We would be very happy to welcome you on board soon.