Specialisations in the master´s program

Healthcare Development and Management

Examples of learning and teaching content in this specialisation:

  • Models of personcentered care
  • Evidence-based patient information and shared decision-making
  • Models of innovation implementation and practice development
  • Methods of quality assurance, quality development, and quality measurement
  • Models of work psychology and organizational psychology
  • Goals, elements, forms of quality indicators
  • Identification of needs for further development of care processes or care structures
  • Planning of innovations and implementation in cooperative collaboration
  • Planning, initiating, and conducting employee surveys, training, and peer reviews
  • The Leadership of workgroups or teams

Possible career fields:

  • Case and care management in various care arrangements (coordination, management) (micro to meso level)
  • Practice development, quality development, and management in healthcare facilities (meso level)
  • Project management in provider or payer facilities (macro level)