Specialisations in the master´s program

Digital Healthcare

Examples of learning and teaching content in this specialisation: 

    • Developments and terms of information and communication technologies
    • State of development, trends, and opportunities of the digitization process
    • Goals, concepts, and methods of computer science and engineering
    • Models for the implementation of technical innovations
    • Procedures and processes of software development
    • Contextual factors for implementation of innovations in healthcare organizations
    • Risks as well as ethical, social, and legal conditions of technical innovations
    • Identification of needs for the integration of innovations
    • Professional leadership of teams and interdisciplinary workgroups

    Possible career fields:

      • Scientific evaluation and reflection of technological innovations (e.g. telemedicine/telecare, robotics, artificial intelligence) in healthcare
      • Planning, management, co-development of projects for the implementation of technological innovations for healthcare