Master´s program in Health and Heathcare Science

The Lübeck Master's program in Health and Healthcare Science is designed for Bachelor's graduates in different health science programs such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, health promotion or public health, health sciences, health management, nursing or nursing sciences, physiotherapy, midwifery or therapy sciences.

The program combines health science and information science teaching and research experience at the University of Lübeck.

The master's program teaches across disciplines. You learn about the opportunities of technical developments for health and healthcare and what future healthcare can look like.

In the master's program, students will be enabled to help shape technical innovations, accompany their introduction, implement new healthcare strategies and scientifically evaluate complex care models and non-pharmacological interventions.

So far, all courses are taught in German.

Personal Consultation by

Annika Sternberg
Studiengangskoordination Gesundheits- und Versorgungswissenschaften
Prof. Dr. Matthias Bethge
Studiengangsleiter Gesundheits- und Versorgungswissenschaften