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Job prospects

Bachelor IT Security

The bachelor's study program IT Security qualifies students for demanding developmental informatics activities with an already high level of competencies in IT security and reliability. All the foundations have been laid and the practical skills for the technical development of secure and reliable systems are well developed through exercises, internships, and projects. With these skills, the bachelor's graduates are well and quickly deployed productively in development projects as software developers. Due to their complete computer science studies, they are in no way inferior to general computer scientists in the area of practical software development. In addition, they are particularly proficient in handling security aspects in systems to be developed. In this way, they can be used universally wherever software developers are needed and also have advantages in the job market when analytical and conceptual competence in the area of analysis, design, and implementation of secure systems is required.

Master IT Security

Graduates of the master's study program have, beyond the skills of bachelor's students, obtained a special scientific aptitude that enables them to also work on basic topics or to develop particularly complex systems also in management positions, placing special emphasis on security and reliability.
Particularly good graduates or later doctoral students from the field of IT security will also find additional interesting job opportunities in research and teaching in the research clusters of our own university and the BioMedTec campus due to the special local character.

Job exchanges

Job postings for IT security graduates can be found for example at