Recognition of academic achievements

The Examination Procedure Regulations of the University of Lübeck state in §20 the "Recognition of study periods, study achievements and examination achievements", regardless of whether the study achievements were obtained in another study program at the University of Lübeck or at another university.

If you intend to submit an "Application for Recognition of Study Achievements", please contact us at an early stage in order to receive advice in advance.

For the application, there is a form provided by the university which you must fill out and then submit to the chairperson of the examination board together with the originals of the proof of your academic achievements. Ideally, you should make an appointment for this, so that queries can be made without any problems.



Student Advisor:

Anja Rabich
Studiengangskoordinatorin IT-Sicherheit
M.Sc. Marc Stelzner
Stellv. Studiengangskoordinator IT-Sicherheit