Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies


Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies combines in-depth technical knowledge with the principles of economics and entrepreneurship.

In the technical area, the University of Lübeck has two strong focal areas: Computer science and medical engineering. All competences and established courses from these areas are also needed in the course of studies Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies.

As part of the EXIST competition "EXIST Gründungskultur - Die Gründerhochschule", a new institute for entrepreneurship and business development was established at the university to promote entrepreneurship among graduates and to equip them with the necessary knowledge of economics, especially in the field of entrepreneurship.

Master’s programme

The Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies program is exclusively a master's program at the University of Lübeck. It follows consecutively on a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, IT Security, Media Informatics, Medical Informatics or Medical Engineering, and it offers a degree in Computer Science with the focus on Entrepreneurship as a minor subject.

Strongly based on the Master's programme in Computer Science, students are offered a great deal of freedom in their choice of specialisation in the field of computer science and, in part, medical engineering. The technical knowledge is complemented by economic topics such as the basics of business administration, innovation and technology management, negotiation, entrepreneurial behaviour, and entrepreneurship in the digital economy.

Job profile

A Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies enables all graduates to work in the field of computer science. Through the combination of technical and economic competence, they are predestined to become entrepreneurs and to build new companies through innovation and know-how.

Even without founding their own company, all graduates have the necessary knowledge to actively shape companies as intrapreneurs by acting on their own responsibility and to assume management positions.

Alternatively, all graduates have the opportunity to pursue an academic career in higher education on the basis of the knowledge they have acquired during their studies.


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Student Advisor:

Prof. Dr. Christian Scheiner
Studiengangsleiter Entrepreneurship in digitalen Technologien
Stefan Becker
Studiengangskoordinator Entrepreneurship in digitalen Technologien