Master’s Degree

Programme Syllabus

The course consists of freely selectable and prescribed modules. The aim is to prepare the students for independent activities — be it in research or especially in industry.

This is also reflected in the profile of the programme.

Technical Deepening

The in-depth technical study consists of two parts: 

The basic module as well as the subject-specific elective module provide extended basic knowledge of computer science. Students complete one of two modules offered in practical computer science and two of four modules offered in theoretical and technical computer science. 

The two in-depth modules from computer science and medical engineering allow specializations in different technical fields. Here, students are given a wide range of modules to choose from in order to deepen their knowledge according to their own preferences.

Economics and Entrepreneurship

The six different modules from the field of economics and entrepreneurship serve on the one hand to prepare the students for the different challenges in their later roles as executives and company founders and on the other hand to enable them to convert technological potentials into successful products.

Master’s Thesis and Colloquium

The Master's thesis with colloquium is planned for the fourth semester. This 6-month work completes the Master's programme.

Thematically, the Master's thesis can be in the technical field of computer science or medical engineering, in the field of economics, or interdisciplinary in between.

Additional Programme Syllabus

Further detailed information on the studies can be found in the following sources:

Programme plans

Module manual

Examination and study regulations

Student Advisor:

Prof. Dr. Christian Scheiner
Studiengangsleiter Entrepreneurship in digitalen Technologien
Stefan Becker
Studiengangskoordinator Entrepreneurship in digitalen Technologien