Computer Science (only in German)

Broad base – extensive specialisation opportunities

At the Universität zu Lübeck, you have the option to discover and implement your interests by consolidating your knowledge through our broad range of courses.
Web and Data Science
Software Systems Engineering
IT Security and Reliability
Robotics and Automation

Specialisation Courses

In your bachelor’s programme, you can take at least one elective module to consolidate your knowledge. Subsequent semesters offer more such courses – which means you can delve into whatever fascinates you. More…

One option during your bachelor’s degree is to elect a standard specialisation package.

Our master’s programme also offers many optional application and specialisation courses.


In bioinformatics, you apply the whole arsenal of informatics methodologies to biological and particularly genetic data. Conversely, informatics can be inspired by nature: one creates genetic algorithms or neural networks.

Our university has excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary research and teaching in conjunction with the Life Sciences programme.

Web and Data Science

Applications require increasing volumes of data, analysis of which offers, for instance, great opportunities to optimise processes and win new customers.

Hence, there is a desperate search ongoing for graduates qualified to resolve practical problems using current knowledge, solid experience and novel methods to handle big data.

Software Systems Engineering

The software systems engineering courses consolidate your knowledge of modelling and implementing large, complex software systems. You delve into all phases of a software’s lifecycle: from analysis of requirements, to specifications, practical execution and even operation and maintenance.

Especially external students who did not specialise in one of our application courses during their bachelor’s degree, can do so in our master’s programme.

Studying and Recreation

In Lübeck, we teach more than Informatics, a programme that CHE ranked at the top:

Lübeck’s medieval downtown is a World Heritage Site. For water sports, you can choose from among Trave, Wakenitz and the Baltic. Hamburg and Scandinavia are right at the doorstep. Once upon a time, Lübeck was the Queen of Hansa, and now it boasts Europe’s largest ferry terminal.

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Computer Science Programme (only in German)

The courses of both the bachelor and the master degree programmes are generally taught in German. In particular, applicants must have a good command of German. Please consult the German pages on the programmes for details.  

Computer Science Courses Taught in English

Although the majority of the courses in the degree programmes are taught in German, there are a number of courses taught in English that are suitable for exchange students.

Degree Programmes