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Why should I study biophysics?

In this programme, you will gain a solid foundation in all the natural sciences, with emphasis on physics and mathematics. You can commence your professional career immediately upon completing your bachelor’s degree but have the option to pursue a master’s degree in many fields of natural sciences. In addition to our consecutive master’s programme in biophysics, which is currently being fine-tuned, you could – after attending other courses and subject to an arrangement with the respective programme director – continue along an alternate path here with another master’s degree in natural sciences.

In addition to the technical facets, our biophysics bachelor’s programme teaches you practical aspects of interdisciplinary tasks. Together with other interdisciplinary skills like an analytical mindset and team-oriented problem solving, you will acquire expertise that will open the doors to a broad range of professions that go way beyond natural sciences.

Why should I study at the Foundation Universität zu Lübeck?

Both our bachelor’s programme in biophysics and our master’s programme (fine-tuning stage) are designed to integrate you early on into exciting research projects at the crossroads of physics, mathematics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology and medicine. We have access to a broad base of interdisciplinary research projects on campus through centres like the Fraunhofer Research Institute for Marine Biotechnology, or CBBM, “Centre of Brain, Behaviour and Metabolism,” and via cooperation with external partners like the Leibniz Centre for Medicine and Biosciences Borstel, and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Plön.

Student Advisor:

Dr. Young-Hwa Song
Studiengangskoordinatorin Biophysik
Dr. Sabine Voigt

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