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Artificial Intelligence Advanced Study Programme – Your Start into the First Semester

Enrolled in the Programme - And now?

Application sent off, admission received, enrolment carried out? Or perhaps still undecided and curious about how your studies will start?

We have compiled all the information here that is important for you at the beginning - especially answers to your burning questions: When do I start? Where do I have to sign in? What can I expect? Who will help me? Do I have to...?

What expects you at the beginning

Even though lectures in the Artificial Intelligence Master programme do not begin until mid-October, there are already some important dates before then:

  1. The onboarding is the actual start of your studies with the welcome by the programme management. The onboarding is a few days before the start of the courses.
  2. The first courses then begin in mid-October in presence.

We have created two information courses on the points above and a great deal more information about your studies in the university's learning space - you will find all the details there.

Login-Data for both courses:

  1. Login name: your student number
  2. Password: Was sent to you with your enrolment

If you do not yet have a student number, you can also see a lot of information via the login as a preview (guest login).